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And what gets complicated is in the end, if you look at it, you will see where there are actually three individual quotes and it looks very strange. The reason is, I have a double evaluation here, or one, in order to determine the criteria of our question. Of course, I need one last quote to narrow down the entire text string. In computer programming, quotation marks are often used as determinants of strings. In HTML, CSS and JavaScript code, single and duplicate references are interchangeable.

XML and XHTML require the use of duplicate quotation marks to constrain features. In the UK, while both quotation styles are acceptable to signal direct speech, the use of single quotes is more common. Also, the use of quotas can often be the opposite compared to the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Whether they are single or double depends on the same conditions used to define one or two for other uses. They are only in your example, because they are wrapped in a dialog that is already in double quotes.

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Sarah, for AmE, individual offers will not be used for this purpose. But when using them, keep in mind that while you can only use dialog in BrE, you are always using dual for AmE. And in BrE, if you use duplication, you do not want to go back and use singles at some point, maybe for effect. ~ In linguistics or phonetic discussions, a foreign word is italicized and if the definition continues, this definition is enclosed in individual quotation marks.
Jason, you may have heard quotes used in this way called quotes. Phrases of fear suggest that the word is used in a specific way, perhaps, as you mentioned, to indicate that the speaker did not believe that the victim was a victim.
So when you use quotes in pairs, you only do them. When using quotes in singles, use duplicates.

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